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What's Happening with Willowear?

After a decade of pouring my heart into Willowear, it's time to retire and dive into the next chapter of this adventure called life!

But before I go, I wanted to take a moment to look back and celebrate the incredible journey that has been Willowear! Starting as a hobby making bandanas for our beloved Willow, it blossomed into a bustling full-time business designing thousands of stylish bandanas and trendy dog mom gear that found its way into homes across the globe.

Since its inception in 2014, Willowear hit some pretty incredible milestones:

*Reached Top 1% of Etsy Sellers

*Made it into Amazon's Top 100 Dog Bandanas Sold

*Donated countless bandanas and cash to dog organizations in need

The success of Willowear was due to many. I am incredibly thankful for my dream team who worked behind the scenes - the meticulous cutting & sewing contractor, the talented printer, the gifted photographers, and the tech-savvy social media coordinators.

Heartfelt gratitude goes out to my supportive parents, husband, and friends, who were my biggest cheerleaders as I navigated the unknown and created a business out of thin air. Running a business is often more challenging and complex than it appears. I have found this experience to be both personally and professionally fulfilling.

This journey has been a blast. Huge thanks to all the people and furry friends who helped Willowear succeed. From my loyal dog-loving customers to the fabulous dog models and brand ambassadors who spread the word and the various retail owners carrying Willowear products - you all sparked my creativity and increased sales as they trended upward season after season.

So what lies ahead? Living the dream. My husband, Wade, and I are actively planning for retirement, gearing up for even greater endeavors, and fueling our need for more adventure. Our priority is doubling down on our charitable efforts because giving back is at the heart of who we are. And, of course, spending more time with the real MVP, Willow.

Want to stay connected? I hope you will join us as we navigate this next chapter by following us on Instagram at @greatadventurez – it will be a wild journey!

Speaking of Wild - we have a red hot sizzling sale for the remaining Willowear inventory! Get it while you can at

Thank you all for your support on this bittersweet yet exciting transition. I am looking forward to enjoying the freedom and adventure that retirement brings!

High fives and hugs all around,


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