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If you got the Willowear newsletter last week, you probably enjoyed some snaggletoothed cuteness...You missed it? O-kay here he is again, because who doesn't want to see Apollo in his St. Patrick's Day bandana. 

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The other St. Patrick's Day nod in the newsletter was the sign-off quote,

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."

From Dublin's own Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde (AKA the flamboyantly himself poet and playwright, Oscar Wilde).

We liked the idea of an Irish expression that our furbabies effortlessly embody but one that we often need reminding of - embrace who you are! - one of the many reasons we all love being around dogs.

Mr. Wilde was also part of an art movement called aestheticism which was all about enjoying art for art's sake - especially for being simply beautiful. Which is how we roll here at Willowear. We try to be ourselves and we love, love, love beautiful, well-made things (like Willowear bandanas).

The Willowear aesthetic is all about showing how much we love our dogs (sometimes at the expense of our very own designer shamrock t-shirt, I mean, really, who wears it better? Us or Apollo?), and bandanas are the best way we can think of to enjoy being our own brand of self with our dogs. We also practice making bandanas that are as close to art as we can make them - hand-crafted with love. 

We get a little crazy about the hand of the fabric, the design, the pattern and the color. It all really matters to us. And we're guessing it matters to you too, or we wouldn't be here together warming up for March 17.

One last thought on Willowear and aesthetics. Like Oscar, we also want our art to be beautiful and last, but perhaps here we diverge on the details. We are all about durability and solemnly promise you that Willowear shamrocks aren't going to rub off next time you pup rolls in the grass.

So, come March 17, don that St. Patrick's Day bandana on your furry love (you can get one here), head to your closest Irish gathering (probably a shamrock-festooned pub down the street), grab that table on the patio by the dog bowl and toast to a life full of joy, luck and love. 

If you're not sure where to celebrate, you can always Yelp 'Irish Pub' and filter by 'Dogs Allowed' (how I love a good filter ;)

Thanks to our Irish friends for supplying the occasion!


P.S. Use coupon code IRISHLUCK for 10% off your purchase

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  • Woohoo! Love it.


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